Deluxe Bay wedding Crystal Ring

Our jewelry is exclusively designed and completely handcrafted in house from beginning to end. We are committed to the highest standards of jewelry craftsmanship. Each jewel is first crafted to perfectly fit the dimensions of your diamond or stone at your required size.

 This Deluxe Bay Crystal Pure Brilliance Solitaire Ring with Accents comes with a Round cut center stone of 1 CT.

material:  Crystal Ring appears as a perfect white diamond that is colorless to the naked eye.

IF Clarity:
This Crystal is almost flawless and appears as a diamond that is worth thousands of dollars.

Round Shape:
This Crystal is cut to perfection by GIA standards and hand set for a brilliant secure finish.

The Crystal Pure Brilliance is cubic zirconia stones cut by the GIA diamond standards and in the symmetry of a perfect diamond. This breakthrough creation results in an almost identical diamond simulant and a stone that is as sparkling and brilliant as a perfect ring. Each stone is microscopically engraved with the words "Deluxe Bay Crystal" as proof of their authenticity.